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Restless? Giddy? You should be. We are excited to hear about your sweet needs. Whether you are interested in a bulk order for your brand or just a bag full of gourmet candied popcorn, we've got you covered.



Sir Walter Candy Co. | OUR CREATIONS
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We offer an array of services & products.

Sir Walter Candy

Here at Sir Walter we handcraft our products with the best ingredients. We manufacture and distribute a vast variety of products. We are an innovative company that uses creativity and artistry to develop specialized products on small, medium, and large scales. We are strongly committed to providing a highly memorable experience for our customers by customizing our products and services to their needs by providing mouth watering confections.

Custom Products

Our process is simple. We work with you to make your ideas into reality. Any kind of confection, cookie, candy, chocolate, you name it, we make it happen. Whether it’s for  special event or business. We can customize the recipe, look and size of whatever it is that you may need. Our goal is that our partnership will enhance your business.

Happi Chocolate

Happiness without guilt! Happi, created accidentally, is our line of products made with superfoods such as amaranth chia and hemp seeds that are packed with nutritious value, but they don’t compromise on taste. Yes, guilt free delicious confections. Indulge with a healthy conscious.

Hospitality & Hotel PRODUCTS

We understand the importance of presenting your brand’s personality in an effort to create a comfortable and unforgettable experience for your guests. Together we can create something unique to you and your hotel, that will enhance their experience, while increasing the your profit.