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Over 25 years ago, Sir Walter was founded by Alfonso and Alejandra Porras. Their dream started when, as a child, Alfonso received books and recipies from Walter Zittle. Time later, with his young family, Alfonso and Alejandra built a custom trailer where they started to make confections and sold at local farmers markets.

Today they have grown to a 36,000 feet facility where they continue to keep the art of candy making alive.

“Our goal is to become the ultimate sweet indulgence destination.”

Our mission

Spread happiness, one sweet treat at a time, while keeping the art of candy making alive.

The go to place for that nostalgic "kid in the candy shop" experience. This delightful family owned business offers a welcoming and intimate atmosphere as well as an array of delightful artisan and custom confections. The owner's are incredible and really take pride in their story, work and customer service.

Ciera Heinig

Their Coconut Cashew Brittle is my favorite! It reminds me of my Grandma Zona’s special candy that she would make for us every year at Christmas time. It takes me back to being in her home and family traditions. One bag of Coconut Cashew Brittle is never enough, i usually get one for my kids to share and one for me to eat all by myself.

Mary Nakaya

Amazing customer service with absolutely brilliant products. It’s a family run business that really goes the extra mile from the minute you walk in the store. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Stephen Broadley

This is the best place for gorgeous and tasty sweets. I purchased the English toffee for gifts, and they were a total hit! Highly recommend the product, plus the staff and owners are so sweet and welcoming.

Susan Johnstone

I have been consuming their products for almost 2 decades and it's honestly hard to shop anywhere else. They use high quality products and really know what they are doing. Their humble begins story is inspirational and truly are a sweet family to do business with.

Estefania Sanchez

Over the past few years, I have partnered with Sir Walter to create bespoke holiday gifts for my clients. I’ve been able to create one of a kind gifts that feature their brand in unique ways. Their team is always friendly and very creative, offering new services each year. I’ll be coming back this upcoming holiday season.

Orlando P., Afton Klein Group


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