Job opening

Project Engineer:  Sir Walter Candy Co seeks Project Engineer. Job site is located at 155 West Malvern Ave Suite B, Salt Kae City, UT 84115. The position requires a Bachelor Science or foreign equivalent in Engineering or Project Management and 40 months of experience in job offered or project management. 

Job Duties:    

  • Review, analyze, and improve engineering processes utilized in connection with mass production of candies and other confectionary products. 
  • Lead efforts in engineering research and development that improve efficiency and productivity with the company’s candy manufacturing processes. 
  • Regularly inspect production machinery and manufacturing processes to ensure proper mechanical functioning and safety. 
  • Consult with management regarding maintenance of production equipment currently used in the manufacturing processing and engineering feasibility regarding purchases of new 
  • production equipment. 
  • Develop short, intermediate, and long-term master production schedules on a weekly/monthly basis to achieve targeted inventory and work orders. 
  • Develop and maintain production planning models. 
  • Assist in the implementation of VSM for continuous improvement so the company can move from product focus to process focus. 
  • Define manufacturing feasibility (cost, quality, capacity, and manufacturing capabilities) for in-house items as well as co-packers/co-manufactures. 
  • Increase production efficiency and reduce waste. 
  • Create multifunctional teams to create standards for new processes. 
  • Ensure the proper FIFO/FEFO consumption of material. 
  • Coordinate inventory control and improve production cycles. 


Sir Walter Candy Co: 

Alfonso Porras