Family owned candy company

Experience more than just a treat

Traditional recipes, hand crafted in Utah

Family owned candy company

Experience more than just a treat

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I have been consuming their products for almost 2 decades and it's honestly hard to shop anywhere else. They use high quality products and really know what they are doing. Their humble begins story is inspirational and truly are a sweet family to do business with.

Estefania Sanchez

They were tremendously helpful with my personalized order and made the entire process turn-key. They supported our concepts in the ideation phase and also found a way to be on budget. I am excited for the next project with Sir Walter.

Bruce Wilkinson

I can't express the value and creativity of Sir Walter. Their organization catered to our personal needs and provided various options with labeling and packaging.

Kristin Davies

Over the past few years, I have partnered with Sir Walter to create bespoke holiday gifts for my clients. I’ve been able to create one of a kind gifts that feature their brand in unique ways. Their team is always friendly and very creative, offering new services each year. I’ll be coming back this upcoming holiday season.

Orlando P., Afton Klein Group

Sir Walter products are in a class all by themselves. The craftsmanship and ingredients make for the perfect product that puts a smile right on your face. There's no product that I will now choose besides Sir Walter.

Ash Ram

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Every sweet is made with care, the old-fashioned way.

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About sir walter

Keeping the art of candy making alive

Over 25 years ago, Sir Walter was founded by Alfonso and Alejandra Porras. Their dream started when, as a child, Alfonso received books and recipies from Walter Zittle. Time later, with his young family, Alfonso and Alejandra built a custom trailer where they started to make confections and sold at local farmers markets.

Now we bring candy solutions to gifting, promotionals, hospitality, wholesale and private label.

So Sweet, So Good, Sure to Bring Smiles

our candy, your brand

Looking for wholesale?

We specialize in producing orders too big for the small artisan and too small for big companies.


Traditional Recipes

We're here to keep the art of candy making alive. From ideation to final labeling, let us help guide you through the sweet process.​


Crafted in America

Our factory handcrafts tasty treats in Salt Lake City, Utah using honest ingredients created with passion and love.​


Fully custom

Your vision & our expertise combine to make a dream team. Fully custom means whatever you can dream, we can create.​


All size orders

We’re used to large barrels of candy. No order is too large for us. We’ve worked with dozens of order sizes and companies.

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Do you have a boutique?

Sell our products and we guarantee your costumers will come back for more!